Managing Mailing Lists with Eltris

Mailing lists allow you to send the same message to a group of people. This saves you the time of manually sending an email to each recipient.

Email lists play a pivotal role in email marketing. You can also use them for efficient internal communications in an organization. Today, we'll walk you through the process of creating a mailing list with Eltris.

1. Head to the User Area


Visit the Client Area by clicking on User Area on the top right corner of the homepage. Now, log in with your Client Login credentials.

2. Click on Services

After logging in, a Client Dashboard will show up. The dashboard consists of the following sections: Services, Support Tickets, Added Contacts, and Quotes.

Click on Services.

3. Click on the activated email hosting service

You’ll see a My Products & Services section. There, you'll find the activated Email Hosting in the Product/Service section.

4. Click on Mailing Lists

Now, you'll come to the Product Details area where you'll get the following sections:

  • Overview
  • Actions
  • Manage Account

In the Manage Account section, click on Mailing Lists.

A Mailing Lists section will appear.

5. Create Mailing Lists

In the Mailing Lists section, click on Create Mailing List.

A Create Mailing Lists interface will appear.

The interface consists of the following fields:

  • List Name: The name of your list (you can choose any name)
  • Domain: Your email domain address
  • Password: A password to access the mailing list. You can also click on the Generate button to let Eltris generate a strong and secure password for you.
  • Access Type: You can choose between Public and Private. Public access is ideal for public newsletters and email marketing campaigns. Select Private access for internal communications. When you select Private access, only the admin of the list will be able to approve the subscriptions.

Once you've filled the credentials, click on Create.

And that's it. Your mailing list has been created and will appear in the active Mailing Lists section.

6. Edit Delegates

The Edit Delegates feature allows you to delegate administrative privileges of your mailing list to other users. The delegated users can then access the cPanel and edit the list.

To create a delegate, click on the Edit Delegates icon.

A Mailing List Delegates page will open. There, click on Create Delegate. A Create Delegate interface will appear.

Enter the email address to which you want to delegate the mailing list. Then, click on Create to create a Delegate.

And that's it. Your delegates will appear in the active Mailing List Delegates section.

Follow the steps discussed above to create mailing lists for your business. With mailing lists, you can engage a large number of recipients at a time. This allows you to streamline your email marketing and communication efforts.

With Eltris, you can create as many mailing lists as you want in less than a minute.

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