Creating an Email Account with Eltris: A Quick Guide

Creating and managing an email account can be a long, cumbersome, and tedious process. It might take long to get a unique username, generate a secure password, and select a quota. Eltris simplifies this process for you. It allows you to create business email accounts easily and quickly.

Follow these steps to add email accounts in your Eltris User Area.

1. Head to the User Area


Click on User Area on the top right corner of the homepage. Log in with your Client Login credentials.


2. Click on Services

After logging in, a Client Dashboard will appear. The dashboard includes your email account information, along with the following sections: Services, Support Tickets, Added Contacts, and Quotes.

Click on Services.


3. Click on the activated email hosting service

You’ll be directed to a My Products & Services. There, you'll see the activated Email Hosting in the Product/Service area.

4. Click on Email Accounts

Now, you'll come to the Product Details area where you'll get the following sections:

  • Overview
  • Actions
  • Manage Account

In the Manage Account section, click on Email Accounts.


5. Create Email Account

In the Email Accounts section, click on the Create Email Account.

A Create Email Account interface will appear. There, you need to enter your email Username, Domain Name, and Password.

Eltris also offers an automatic password generation feature. In one click, it provides you with a high-security password. To generate the password, click on the Generate button.

There's also an option for selecting the Quota, which refers to allocated email space. You can enter the desired space (in MB) depending on your requirements. Besides, you can also opt for the Unlimited Quota.

Once you've entered your email credentials, click on the Create button.

6. Access your email account

And that’s it! Your email account is now live.

Once your email account has been successfully created, it'll appear in the activated emails.

On the right side of the Usage/Quota, you have four icons. They perform the following functions:

  • Change Password
  • Change Quota
  • Account Configuration Details
  • Delete Account
  • Access Webmail

Eltris allows you to get your business email account up and running in a few seconds. Our intuitive interface and easy-to-use solution lets you set up and manage your email account without any technical knowledge.

Eltris also enables you to create unlimited email accounts and manage them from a centralized database.

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