Setting up Email Forwarders in Eltris: A Quick Guide

Setting up Email Forwarders in Eltris: A Quick Guide

On average, most people have two email accounts. For businesses, this number can rise to 5 or even higher. Having different email accounts has benefits, but it has a major drawback, too. You'll need to check each email account separately.

With email domain forwarders, you can redirect all your incoming emails to one email address.

Here is a quick guide to setting up email and email domain forwarders in Eltris.

1. Head to the User Area


Head to Client Area by clicking on User Area on the top right corner of the homepage. Now, log in with your Client Login username and password.


2. Click on Services

Once you’re logged in, a Client Dashboard will show up. The dashboard consists of the following sections: Services, Support Tickets, Added Contacts, and Quotes.

Click on Services.


3. Click on the activated email hosting service

You’ll find a My Products & Services section. There, you'll see the activated Email Hosting in the Product/Service area.


4. Click on Email Forwarders

Now, you'll come to the Product Details area where you'll get the following sections:

  • Overview
  • Actions
  • Manage Account

In the Manage Account section, click on Email Forwarders.

5. Come to the Email Forwarders Section

An Email Forwarders section will appear. The section contains two subsections: Email Forwarders and Email Domain Forwarder.

Email Forwarders

Click on Create Forwarder.

A Create Forwarder interface will appear. There, you need to enter the email address that will receive the emails and the destination email to which the incoming emails will be forwarded.

There's also an Option section where you can enter a path relative to your home delivery. The Option section consists of the following options:

  • Forward to email address
  • Discard and send an error to the sender (at SMTP) time
  • Forward to a system account
  • Pipe to a program: /home/domain

You can select an option as per your requirements.

Once you've filled all the fields, click on Create.

And that's it. Your activated email forwarder will appear in the Email Forwarders section.

Email Domain Forwarder

To create an email domain forwarder, click on Email Domain Forwarder in the Email Forwarders section.

Click on Create Domain Forwarder

A Create Domain Provider interface will appear. There, you can enter an alternate domain to which you want your emails to be forwarded to.

Click Create to create the domain forwarder.

And that's it! Your email domain forwarder has been created and will show up in the active Email Domain Forwarder section.

With Eltris, you can set up and activate email and email domain forwarders within seconds. This way, you can reduce the hassle of juggling between multiple emails and domain addresses.

Eltris also allows you to set up unlimited email and email domain forwarders.


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